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Climate change is the biggest problem the earth and earths flora and fauna, including human beings are facing. Due to climate change we are confronted with extreme weather circumstances such as ‘Flood’ and ‘Drought’ and that’s the creation of climate refugees. Climate change also increases the appearance of more violent weather phenomena, such as: hurricanes, cyclones, typhoons, but also wildfires(already today: think about the amazon rainforest fire that is happening right now) and hailstorm in places where it’s not expected (read: Mexico’s Guadalajara who received a 1,5m thick carpet of hail). It not only increases such violent weather phenomena, but it also gets more intense, more frequent and the duration will be longer, causing more deaths, victims, refugees and material damage.

Climate change comes even from beyond the earth, it’s also effected by the sun. The sun’s solar flares can bombard Earth’s outermost atmosphere with tremendous amounts of energy, most of that energy is reflected back into space by Earth’s magnetic field, but it still has effect on earth through heat waves and pretty auroras such as the ‘Northern Lights’.  Solar Storms on the other hand bring more hazards. For the most part, the Earth’s magnetic field protects humans from the barrage of radiation which comes from sunspots, but solar storms can affect satellite-based technology. This can affect satellites in orbit, potentially leading to a lack of GPS navigation, mobile phone signal and satellite TV. 
Additionally, a surge of particles can lead to high currents in the magnetosphere, which can lead to higher than normal electricity in power lines, resulting in electrical transformers and power stations blow outs and loss of power worldwide. The higher amounts of 
radiation also leave people vulnerable to cancer.


4th Climate change scenario: STORMS such as: 
      - Hurricanes, Typhoons and Cyclones (Flood)
      - Wildfires (Drought)
      - Hail/Ice storms (in unexpected places)
      - Solar Storms/Geomagnetic Storms (Radiation)
        All of the above causing Climate Refugees

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