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My design internship at Daily Paper lasted 5 months. In these 5 months I learned how to make techpacks, technical drawings, sizecharts and graphic design (such as artworks). I also learned how to do research to make concepts (for a new season), research into the target group, research into the market and the competitive streetwear brands.

My main tasks were making technical drawings and designs for the new Spring Summer 2020 collection and to work these out into techpacks.

While doing my internship at Daily Paper I also got the chance to have a project of my own. I designed 15 garments for the collaboration between Daily Paper and (rum brand) Havana Club. These garments were photographed in Havana(Cuba) for the official launch of the collaboration.

“We collaborated with rum brand Havana Club to launch a limited-edition capsule collection. The distinct collection pays homage to the Cuban heritage of Havana Club, infused with the distinctive aesthetic of Daily Paper. The result – a black and gold themed 5-piece capsule collection, consisting of a T-shirt, a Cuban Shirt, a Hoody, a Coach Jacket and a Belt. The capsule collection is now available online and via selected retailers.”

– Daily Paper

One out of these 5 styles that were produced and for sale in the Daily Paper webshop, was designed by me. It was a shirt and is visible below.

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