In this project we got an historical garment from a specific time in history that we had to research and eventually had to make an inspired concept and collection about. I got the Furisode Kimono from the Edo Period.

After I had researched the garment on shape, colour, material, technique and meaning, I had to chose three principles to base my concept and collection on. My three principles were:
Traditional - Modern, Eastern - Western and Geometric - Organic.

From a 'wrinkled' concept, I found a Japanse word which it's meaning suits the shape principle wrinkled. The word is "Wabi Sabi" and means; Finding beauty in the things that are "imperfect, non permanent and incomplete". A way of life that focuses on finding the beauty within the imperfections of life and accepting peaceful and natural cycle of growth and decay. From this meaning I named my concept "The Imperfect Beauty/ De Onvolmaakte Schoonheid". 

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