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The concept is about a "blur" between different genders, vintage and innovation. Dark colors are mixed with neutrals, bright and soft colors. The blending of round, organic shapes with tight, technical lines is shown in this concept. In this way you can see layering in the concept. The genderless aspect comes from the female core values of our brand.
Our brand name/concept name is "Non Specific", which has an eclectic mood.

We also had to think about sustainability. The sustainability our brands work with are a couple of things. 1. Some of the trimmings are made of self-made fish (salmon) leather. 2. We dyed our fabrics with natural dyes like: Kurkuma. 3. Our garments are made for both men and woman (unisex).

Because I participated on the Denim Project I got denim fabrics sponsored by Candiani Denim from Italy. That's why the coat and the dress are made from all denim fabrics. The underwear is made from Jersey and Silk fabric. Other fabrics and trimmings I used in my designs are: fish (salmon) leather, ruffles from mesh fabric, Marbles cooked in neoprene fabric, zippers, buttons and I also engraved fabrics with a laser-cutter and used silk-screen printing for the all-over print in the underwear and for the placed print on the back of the dress and on the front of the dress on the pocket.

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